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Our opening BASIC TRAINING sessions on Wednesday morning will include sessions on EEOC issues, handling mental & emotional disabilities in the workplace, and changes in the gun laws that affect the public sector. Other topics throughout the conference include ADA Transition Plans, Property Valuation, Workers’ Comp Reform Update, Disaster Response and Contracts Liability. Our keynote address is one not to be missed… Derek Young, a native of St Louis who currently resides in Nashville, will present “Becoming a Trusted Advisor: Increasing Your Influence for the Benefit of the Community” and outline his belief that the truly successful risk manager, or any leader of an organization, is one who becomes the trusted advisor… the “go-to” person in the organization when questions regarding mission, culture, strategy, risk and direction arise. Make a decision to be that person. This session will assist to help you BUILD and develop the skillset needed to facilitate positive culture change in your organization, and then WIELD your influence to improve your organization and your community.